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Omnipresent and difficult to choose

If a person sets on an internet-based hunt for the term Hoodia Gordonii, s/he is bound to run into a wall a million feet high consisting of an enormous number of websites, of which all promise that it is their genuine and most effective Hoodia based product or extract. Each of them is exactly the one that the person should opt for and try out, for it will definitely provide the sought after results and fulfill one’s dreams completely. However, this is the exact point in which their claims falter and crumble down because the truth is that genuine Hoodia Gordonii cannot be found in that extract form, at least not the 100% pure version of it. In addition, what people should not be fooled by is the notion that the term extract refers to. Namely, as the name says it is just an extract, meaning that it is not pure Hoodia in any sense of the word, but it is only one part of it, which has been employed for the purpose of making a supplement in question.

Another quite concerning fact for the consumers is that companies and supplement manufacturers have come up with numerous ways that enable them to advertise their products as completely genuine, making their supplements (which hold no more than 400 mg) completely and utterly authentic. In this sense, the one and only who will suffer a tremendous loss (not of weight though) is the one who buys such a product hoping to benefit from it.

Rules to abide

In order to avoid getting bogged down by such cunningly devised market moves, prior to opting for a specific Hoodia based supplement, one should make sure to find out as much as possible on what those most common misconceiving claims are, as well as take plenty of time to go through the ingredient list carefully. Those ingredients, aside from the most important one that should be there, are the core of the Hoodia Gordonii plant, gelatin, magnesium stearate and stearic acid.

For example, what a quite extensive research study, which has been performed recently, discovered is that the products put on the market by the Alkemist Pharmaceuticals did not meet the proper requirement standards. Namely, as much as 80% of their pills have been discovered to be impure, i.e. they do not contain 100% pure Hoodia at all. And this fact is quite a concerning one, taking all things into consideration.

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