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Hoodia gordonii and the main characteristics

Hoodia gordonii is the name for the plant that looks like cactus and for the herbal supplement that is made of this plant and that is intended for the weight loss. Still, since so far there are no official and published studies that can confirm its effectiveness, safety, or mechanism of action, it can be only said that it is believed that it works by affecting certain brain chemicals and thus making people feel full and suppressing their appetite. Yes, this means that it is only believed that it is efficient in the process of losing weight. Yes, this also means that it is impossible to know how safe it is, and when it should not be used, which is why it is not recommended for women who are pregnant or those who breastfeed their baby or for people who have problems with liver, kidneys or any other disease chronic in nature.

Side effects of hoodia gordonii

As it has already been said, there are no officially published scientific researches and results about the positive or negative effects of hoodia gordonii. Still, there are some cases in which it is not recommended to use weigh loss supplements based on this herb, at least not without the previous consultations with the doctor, because under particular circumstances it is more likely to cause health problems. One of such cases is diabetes, because people who suffer from this illness may experience significant changes in the blood sugar levels.

Another risky situation refers to the use of hoodia gordonii in cases of people who already use some medications, because it is believed that some of them may seriously affect the effectiveness of this supplement. This may sound a bit absurd when having in mind that hoodia gordonii’s effectiveness has not been officially confirmed, but these conclusions are based on the Testimonies of people who actually did use this product, and until some official information is available, this should certainly be kept in mind. Until then, people should also be careful regarding the dosage of this supplement, because even though no symptoms of hoodia gordonii overdosing are known so far, it is believed that diarrhea and dehydration may occur under such circumstances.

Still, another problem here is that people are not sure about the right dosage of this supplement, as well as about the dosage that is potentially dangerous to one’s health.

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