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Side effects of Hoodia are allegedly not nearly as troublesome as side effects of some other appetite suppressants that may cause rapid hear beat, insomnia, stomach upset and headaches. Pure Hoodia weight loss pills are considered generally safe. Still, users should be aware of needed precautions when taking this herbal diet pill.

What Is Hoodia?

Hoodia gordonii is succulent plant native to the Kalahari Desert, land of the San Bushmen. Hoodia Gordonii was traditionally used in raw form to ward off hunger and thirst of the San Bushmen during long hunting trips. The tribes that used Hoodia for centuries claim there are no side effects of the plant.

Hoodia gordonii has become immensely popular in the last few years due to its appetite suppressing properties. Hoodia is used for weight loss as its naturally occurring chemicals act by reducing appetite.

Hoodia Side Effects

Each individual can differently react to particular drug or supplement and it is always recommended to start with low dosage and then slowly increase it. Also, possible interactions with other drugs must always be taken into consideration. Marketers of Hoodia diet pills claim the product does not cause unwanted effects although some users may experience sexual arousal and heightened mood. However, there are not enough conducted studies on safety of Hoodia on humans thus the supplement must be taken cautiously.

There are indications of negative effects of Hoodia on function of the liver. If this is true, it means Hoodia may interact with other medications a person is taking. People affected by diabetes, high blood pressure and depression as well as those who take medications for treatment of these conditions should be very cautious when taking Hoodia.

Another issue related to Hoodia is that its appetite suppressing properties can actually cause more harm than good. Hoodia does help you lose weight as it reduces cravings causing you to eat less calories. However, it may lead to malnourishment because the plant may prove so effective in reducing appetite that you may consume far less calories than you actually need. This may cause deficiency of vitamins and minerals and it is a well known fact that depriving the body of essential nutrients can lead to different ailments.

As already mentioned, apart from reducing hunger, Hoodia also suppresses thirst. Insufficient intake of water is a much bigger problem than insufficient intake of calories. Loss of the thirst sensation can lead to dehydration. It will initially cause dizziness, dry mouth, confusion, fatigue, malaise and low energy levels. Therefore, it is important to drink the recommended amount of water to ensure you stay properly hydrated.

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