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As with just about anything, people always tend to seek those instantaneous solutions. And this has become a kind of a trademark of the modern society. In addition, all this can be applied to various diets and weight loss regimens as well. It is this impatience and lack of sturdy will that quite often make a person who has set his/her mind on getting rid of those excessive pounds to employ various supplements and pills in an attempt to achieve the goals as soon as possible.

However, most recent controversies have revealed that such methods might be more harmful than aiding, which is why a growing number of people has found themselves perplexed about what should be done. Certain variety of diet pills are known to contain such potentially harmful substances (ephedra, for example). Out of this reason, growing number of researchers and scientists work day and night to discover additional resources that would make these pills much safer and efficient.

Extract power

What has a research study carried out at the University of Geneva revealed is that extracts do hold a tremendous potential when it comes to weight loss in general. What is further implied is that the tea is a rich source of specific antioxidants such as catechin polyphenols and flavonoids, which contribute to a great extent in boosting the bodily metabolic rates. The results of the afore mentioned study were quickly accepted by numerous pharmaceutical companies, which began producing diet loss pills based on extracts of the green tea.

Theory behind the practice

The assumption behind the weight loss pills is rooted in the hypothesis that the entire process of weight loss is accomplished in two distinct ways - namely, delaying fat intake on one hand, or speeding up its burning on the other. And when it comes to this kind of pills, they are known to posses both vital qualities. Such constituent as, for example, Hoodia Gordonii is known to have potential to suppress hunger and end cravings. Besides this one, yet another quite essential ingredient is the glucosamine, which is known to delay the insulin effects, thus facilitating the immediate transformation of sugar into energy and not fat. In addition to the two, other most frequently included constituents are cocoa extract (known to be a diuretic), citrus fiber, vanadium, as well as glucomannan. All these additional ingredients are famous for their hunger suppressing properties, which makes them extremely desirable for the success of the entire weight loss process.

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