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Hoodia (Hoodia gordonii, orxhooba,khoba, Ghaap) is a cactus plant, which grows mainly in the semi-dessert areas ofSouth Africa, Angola and Namibia. It hasbecome quite popular recently because of the potential weight loss that can beachieved using this plant.

Bushmenof the Kalahari Desert claim that this plant enables them to suppress theappetite and thirst while they are hunting, sometimes for days without food. TheBushmen use this bitter plant without its stem.

HoodiaSupplements Adverse Effects

Manufacturersclaim that these hoodia supplements don’t have any side effects, which is nottrue. There are no scientific studies that will confirm that hoodia productsare completely safe to be used to lose some weight.

Hoodia should suppress your appetite. Thiscondition might be dangerous, because hoodia affects your brain, causing younot to take proper amounts of food. After some time, your starving body willstart to use your muscles as the food for normal functioning, destroying the musclesin the process. Less muscle tissue in your body will most certainly make yourmetabolism slower. Once you start eating normally, every pound you lost will comeback and even some more. Specialists advise cutting up to 20% of the calorieintake you need to maintain your current weight if you want to lose some weightwith hoodia.

Hoodia is also a thirst suppressant. Thisis actually an unwanted effect of hoodia, because lack of water leads todehydration of the body. Always make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

Some of the common side effects ofhoodia supplements are: nervousness, nausea, irritability, and dizziness. Peoplesensitive to caffeine might want to avoid some of these supplements, because they might contain caffeine. Always read the label on the bottle and look forthe ingredients list.

This appetite suppressor can alsocause interactions with some other drugs. Before using hoodia supplementsalways check with your doctor about the possible interactions with themedication you have already been using.

People suffering from liver problemsshould not use hoodia supplements, because it may cause further liver damage.

This supplement should not be used bypregnant women or breastfeeding moms. What you eat is passed directly to yourchild. Therefore you should strive to eat nutritious and healthy food. Eventhough you want to lose excess weight, lack of some nutrients might hurt yourbaby.

For the people who still want to use hoodia tolose some of the excess weight, there is the advice to use only proven brands of this supplement.

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