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Myths and the truth

The dream that all peoplewho experience weight-related complications tend to have is one miraculous andwondrous pill that will immediately put the cravings to a halt and not allowthem to come back again for quite some time. However, such wondrous solution to the weight related problem does exist and itcomes in the form of a Hoodia based pill. Now, the pill in question will springto the mind of many since it has been in the center of public attention forquite some time now. Its almost magical effects have been substantiated andbacked up by a number of people who have already had the chance to try it out. Andthe reactions are all but positive ones. This pill really is effective and doesprovide most satisfactory results.

Effective but is itsafe?

Nobody brings intoquestion the effects that Hoodia provides and brings to the table, but just like itsother miraculous counterpart, the safety of the one in question here is alsobrought under the question mark. The counterpart is of course, now already infamousherb ephedra that has been banned acouple of years back, despite its wondrous effects when it comes to a rapidweight-loss. Thus the Hoodia safety issue is quite a valid cause for concern and in this regard, people should be prepared for both the good and those less good news, as well. Encouragingis that the good news are much more prominent than the bad ones, which stilldeserve to be mentioned nevertheless.

Upsides include thefollowing – Hoodia has been in use for thousands of years by an African tribeknown as Sans Bushmen for the purpose of appetite suppression without anyobtrusive or negative side effects on one’s health. In addition, this herb isknown to contain the P57, which is a constituent known to have an immensepotential when it comes to diminishing the overall appetite of the person whotakes it in. Numerous research studies that included morbidly obese people cantestify to the most beneficial, positive and yet harmless effects of Hoodia. Lastbut not the least, and also quite important, is the fact that this herb is nota stimulant like ephedra or any other plant or herb that is employed for the purposeof facilitating weight loss. One of thepotentially unpleasant side effects is that besides suppressing hunger, thisherb also tends to have the same effect when it comes to thirst as well. Also,people who suffer from diabetes are not advised to take it.

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