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It is interesting how many different products that supposedly help with weight loss today are available on the market. Actually, when some company announces that they have found a miraculous medication that will eliminate extra pounds easily and in a short time, there will be at least 5 or 6 similar products based on same herb or chemistry.


More or less same thing has happened with hoodia gordonii. This is a plant that grows in South Africa and it contains certain substance that helps people who fight obesity by reducing their appetite. Whether this is true or not is not the point because the point is that there are dozens and dozens companies today that manufacture all sorts of products that are based on hoodia. For a while, hoodia pops have been a real hit, especially among celebrities. This is the best possible marketing any product might have, so for a while, profit made on hoodia was truly enormous. But, can hoodia pops really be an effective weight loss aid? Can this be said for any hoodia based product?

The labels

It is essential to always check for labels on a product, not only in this case, but when buying anything. Usually, those tiny letters contain some sort of info that might make a buyer think twice before purchasing it. For example, the amount of some soda juices that should be taken daily is limited. This clearly tells us what those products might do to the organism. This is the same thing for hoodia. There are very few hoodia products that will have detailed chemical analysis info on the label. Actually, the most important thing - the amount of hoodia is nowhere to be found on many hoodia supplements. Those products should be avoided, because you might be buying nothing more than tasty candies.

So, what can be done? Unfortunately, all that is left is caution. If the label does not explicitly tell how much of this and that is included, then it is obvious that the product will not help at all, meaning that hoodia plate can be placed on just about everything, which does not mean that hoodia is inside those things. In the end, people should seriously think about trying to reduce the weight in the old fashion way, with some exercising and controlling the eating habits. It might be a bit more difficult than simply taking hoodia pops, but in most case, it will be much more effective.

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