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A widespread belief with regard to face shape states that oval shapes are generally more attractive. Most haircuts will likely be appropriate and attractive on those with oval-shaped faces and indeed, some say that the only recommendation for hairstyling for oval shaped faces is to ensure that one's haircut does not clash or hide the shape. However, for those not possessing the coveted oval shape, what type of haircut should one be considering?

In fact, it is recommended that people with other face types should strive to find a haircut that makes the face seem oval in structure. The haircut should also attempt to augment the positive features while decreasing the negatives. Thus, as indicated, face shape is frequently the most significant factor to consider when choosing a haircut - when deciding on a style, taking into account one's face shape can help one easily choose the most suitable haircut. A haircut can be dramatically altered or affected by the shape of one's face, so, evidently, knowing your face type is important for those who want to look as good as possible.Face Types

Face-shape will often dictate the most appropriate haircut for a person. For example, those with thin jawlines or chins will want to find a style that makes the jaw and chin seem wider. Longer hair can help to do this. People with rounded faces have more variety of options due to the face's natural symmetry. These face types can wear both shorter and longer haircuts, but styles that see the hair ending around the jaw area should be avoided.

For those with square-shaped face structure, a similar approach needs to be taken with regard to the accentuation of a person's best facial features. Many different styles can do this for square-shaped faces, however, clearly styles that enhance the square appearance should be avoided. As with rounded faces, hairstyles that end around the jaw area are not recommended. It is advisable also to avoid straight lines in one's haircut.

Short or medium length cuts are advised for those with elongated faces. As with other face types, one should look to reduce negative characteristics while increasing the positive ones. One way to achieve this with long or oblong faces is through curling. If this is not possible or not desired, shorter or medium length hair - as already mentioned - will be beneficial to the appearance of those with this face type, as it can reduce the apparent length of the face.

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