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Psychometric tests are used to evaluate attitude, intelligence and characteristics. These tests are an important tool with regard to assessing an individual’s personality traits. The tests are an important tool in the world of psychology, and are often used to profile an individual with regard to their suitability for certain tasks or undertakings. Psychometric testing takes the form of questionnaires. These tests are not related to attainment tests or career assessment tests. There is no scoring system in psychometric testing; the object is simply to discover an individual’s defining features.

Psychometric Testing

There are two types of psychometric testing. These types are known as Personality tests and Aptitude or Intelligence tests respectively. It is becoming more and more common for employers to ask a potential employee to undergo the tests.

Personality tests

Personality tests are important with regard to assessment for suitability to a certain type of task or job. The tests aim to examine one's behavioral traits. These traits can indicate suitability to a certain type of career. Personality tests will investigate traits such as motivation, socialization, sensitivity and one's ability to deal with pressurized situations. It can be difficult to accurately interpret the results of these tests, so proper judgment and analysis of these tests is an absolute necessity.

Aptitude and intelligence tests

Aptitude and intelligence tests have the aim of testing ones general cognitive abilities. These tests will examine one's abilities with regard to numerical, logical, reasoning, verbal and spatial abilities. The results of these tests are often used by employers to determine ones capabilities, and may be used in comparisons with other employees.

This type of testing is becoming more widespread in terms of its use as part of psychology and other related research. The tests can be used to advise an individual with regard to career choice or job inclination. Psychometric testing also plays an important role in psychiatry. This type of psychological assessment is complex and difficult. Information gathered through the testing process will be compared and correlated with other relevant information, such as the patient’s medical, personal and family history. A psychiatrist or psychologist cannot fully depend on histories alone, so psychometric testing has a vital role to play.

Importance of psychometric testing

In conclusion, the tests are theoretical representations of the behavioral and emotional capabilities and approaches of a given individual. Thus, the testing process can provide a multitude of useful information for both employers and employees, as well as for those in need of psychotherapy.

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