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Prom night is one of the most precious events in life. Everyone is trying to look their best on that special day. Alongside the beautiful clothes and sparkling jewels, the hairstyle is something that is very much important. A hairstyle that really makes the statement is the ultimate goal in prom night fashion styling. Prom hairstyle may rank even higher than the dress for importance and making a decision on perfect one is not always easy. This article will try to help you choose your prom hair style with a couple of professional information.

Face Shape

A perfect hairstyle should compliment your face shape. This rule isn’t applied only for prom hair styles but also for an everyday hairstyle. If you have a long face, you should pick a hairstyle that has more volume on the sides than on top. If your face is rather short, try adding some volume on top. People with a wide face should leave some hair down at the sides to get some length.

Dress Style

The shape and style of your dress should also compliment your hairstyle. The goal is to achieve perfect proportion and overall harmony. A slender dress goes great with a simple hairstyle that keeps with that silhouette. If a dress is wide at the bottom the hairstyle should also have a bit of volume to create the appearance of the visual equilibrium. If your dress has an open back then you wouldn’t probably like to hide your back. Try lifting your hair up to expose the neckline. The same goes for the dresses with an open front. If your dress has a high collar or low back, sweep your hair up. If you choose a dress that shows the shoulders or has no sleeves, keep your hair down or just curl it up a little bit and let it fall freely.


All of you probably want to make a certain kind of impression and to revamp a special styling in your appearance. Therefore, your hairstyle should also have a certain pinch of funky, classic, hippie, glamorous or whatever other styles you’re having in mind. Again, the hair should complement the dress and the total effect you’re trying to achieve. The look and hair style should revolve around the same theme. However, you should pay special attention to functionality and comfort of your hairstyle. Prom night is a perfect moment to dance, feel free and have fun, so try not to spoil it by suffering hours of pain and annoyance just to keep your hairstyle on place.

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