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ABrief Introduction and Notes on „the Correct Amount ofSleep“

Thereis no fixed, prescribednumber of hours one ought to spend sleeping on a daily basis. Manywould say that eight hours a day is somewhat "normal".Others may feel refreshed even after five or six hours in bed, whileothers, again may feel they need even ten or eleven hours a day inorder to perform their daily task without feeling like victims ofsleep deprivations.

Itall depends on the particular person and what feels best for him orher – so the factor is a strictly individual variable, rather thana firm constant.

Someof the desired effect of a good night's sleep include:

an immune system boost

an enhancement of certain functions of the nervous system.

Thisis also why people who are victims of sleep deprivation are also morelikely to have:

high blood pressure, and


Hereis a list of the most common reasons behind sleep deprivation:

working long hours

stimulants (i.e. caffeine, nicotine)

inadequate sleep environment, such as the presence of light and/or noise

anxiety, personal matters, relationship issues, trouble at work

excessive alcohol abuse,

illness, medications and drugs

an improper diet, and lastly,

an irregular sleep routine.

Sleepdisorder treatments may include:

nasal caps that reduce snoring

herbs and chemicals, and in some extreme ceases, even

surgical procedures.

Treatinga Sleep Disorder

Theremainder of this article consists of an explained list of some ofthe most common sleep disorder treatments.

Behavoral therapies are used combined with certain medication in order to treat insomnia and other similar disorders. They are a part of a sleep depraved person's everyday routine. They may also involve exercise techniques along the lines of:


exercise postures

massages, and so forth.

Sleep Hygiene involves developing habits to be practiced before one is to go to sleep. They include:

having hot water baths before sleep

the use of firm mattresses and clean sheets that make the environment more conductive to sleep

enjoying soft music or

light reading

drinking a glass of warm milk and so forth.

Stimulus Control Therapy means applying cognitive techniques to one's sleeping environment. This, further, means that the problem occurs when a person disassociates the sleeping environment from sleep, and starts using sofas instead. The best idea to do in such situations is to stop watching tv from bed, and start using it only for sleep until the association reestablishes.

OTC (Over-the-Counter-Medicines) means simply buying drugs that will make you sleep better, until you reestablish the habit yourself. Possibly not the best of ideas, but it is at least an option.

Melatonin is a hormone that regulates the sleep cycles. Sometimes using an effective, synthetic melatonin supplement, since its natural production within a human body decreases with age, is necessary.

The Herbal Medications used for treating sleep disorders are known to reduce stress and relax the body, as well.

Sleepdisorders can be a real pain, and the side effects of sleep deprivation may significantly interfere with a person's day-to-dayroutines. That is also why ignoring the problem is not going to makeit go away.

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