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Most of modern people or at least those trying to eat healthy know that they should eat more fruits and vegetables and less fat. Since this might not be possible at all times, people reach up for supplemental tablets, to compensate the inadequacy of minerals and vitamins in their diet.

Vitamin Supplements

There are numerous multi-vitamin supplements available on the market these days and they will be able to provide some essential nutrients for your body. However, some of these tablets are not powerful enough to give you all things your body needs.

Doctors claim that ideal combination of multi-vitamins should always contain vitamin B complex, vitamin C and vitamin E. They even go so far to say that if a multi-vitamin pill has these ingredients it should be good for you and if it doesn’t it’s not of the best kind.

About Vitamin E

So-called crash diets are very popular these days. After such a diet, people often see that their health should be the most important thing so some change their diet drastically. Giving up on certain things might not be a bad idea, but giving up on all whites (sugar, cheese, potatoes…) could deprive you some essential nutrients, including vitamins like vitamin E.

Vitamin E is one of fat soluble vitamins necessary for human body. In an ideal situation, an adult person, regardless the sex, should obtain about 15mg (milligrams) or 22.5IU (international units) of this vitamin per day. Breastfeeding women are considered to have increased need for this vitamin and they should take some 19mg or 28.5IU of this vitamin every day. Scientists and doctors also recommend the highest tolerable upper limit of vitamin E, which is 1.000mg or 1.500IU per day. This limitation stays the same for all adults over 18 years of age and pregnancy or breastfeeding don’t change anything.

This vitamin can be found in many foods, while green leafy vegetables, vegetable oils and nuts are considered to be the primary sources of vitamin E, as well as some fortified cereals.

Vitamin E is powerful antioxidant and it can protect all human cells of the damage done by free radicals. These free radicals are products of human metabolism, but excess amount of these substances can be associated with increased risk of cardiovascular diseases or cancers. Besides being beneficial for defense of human organism, vitamin E is great for the skin, making it look healthy and radiant.

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