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Important Step to Eliminate AcneThe most important thing you need to known before begging the treatment is what type of acne you are suffering from. Identifying the type of acne can help to recognize the triggers, which can than be avoided in order to eliminate this bothersome skin disease.

Types of AcneThere are many different types of acne that can be due to different causes. If you do not know what type of acne you have, it can be quite difficult to find appropriate treatment. Following is the list of different forms of acne to help you understand the cause of problem: Adult acne – whether you experience sudden onset of acne or it is teenage acne that has carried over into adulthood, the cause may be the same. Adult acne is commonly triggered by hormone imbalance, stress, pollution or use of certain medications. Sudden onset of acne in females aged between 30 to 40 years is directly caused by hormone imbalance. Acne cosmetic – it is very rare type of acne that can be induced by cosmetics which contain ingredients that exacerbate acne such as lanolins, Isopropyl mysristate and some pigments.Acne conglobata – it is the most severe form of acne that causes permanent scars. It is most often seen in males and is usually caused by heredity factor.Acne detergents – this type of acne is caused by soaps, detergents and abrasive cleansers that irritate the skin.Acne excoriee – this skin disorder is often called picker’s acne as it is caused by constant picking of acne. Acne fulminans – this severe type of acne usually affects males and can be caused by use of testosterone to stimulate muscle growth. Acne fulminans often develop as a result of untreated acne conglobata. This form of acne is followed by fever, joint pain, loss of appetite or weight and blood abnormalities. Acne keloidalis – this acne type is marked by firm papules and pustules at the back of the neck. It almost exclusively affects people of African descent. Acne mallorca – this acne type develops due to over exposure to sun. Acne mechanica – it is triggered by mechanical irritation to the skin such as thigh clothing.Acne medicamentosa – it is drug induced acne. It is usually caused by medications such as phenytoin, isoniazid, lithium, bromides, iodides, androgens and corticosteroids. Acne neonatorum – this is type of acne that affects infants due to mother’s hormones. Acne pomade – this skin disease can be triggered by regular use of hair oils and pomades.Chloracne – this type of acne is induced by overexposure to toxic chemicals such as insecticides and hydrocarbons in motor oil. Pitch acne – it is caused by frequent exposure to tar pitch.Premenstrual acne – this form of acne occurs due to hormonal fluctuations that precede menstruation.Steroid acne – it is induced by topical use of corticosteroids. This acne typically develops on the site of steroid application. It resolves after use of steroid is ended.

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