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Mothers are most commonly the only ones involved in any discussions regarding pregnancy, raising children and taking care of their health. However, the often neglected fathers play a very important role in the whole process of the child's life. Fathers are crucial figures in the lives of their children, even though their effect is commonly underrated.

What is Fatherhood?

If we are to believe the majority of sitcoms, our fathers are nothing but giant children, spending most of their time confused or entangled in some ridiculous situations. On the other hand, the father can be seen as a manipulative, overweight and silent man, sitting on the couch, eating and watching TV all day. So, the ideal father figure is commonly presented wrongly. Yet, we should not blame the TV industry for this, but, rather, the fathers who were the actual role models for the characters in the shows.

Therefore, the following lines will depict certain basic qualities a father should have.

The Basics of Fatherhood

Most children grow up missing their dads, wishing that they have spent more time together. Thus, an ideal father needs to be there, devoting his dad time to the children. This does not require any special efforts. Rather, a father can share his chores with the children or participate in their own activities. Also, a father needs to attend important events his children are a part of.

Additionally, once you are there for your child, you need to get to know him/her. Children can feel depressed and lonely when they are living under the same roof with someone who is a stranger. Learn all you can about your child and allow him/her to learn all about you. This process cannot take place instantly. Throughout your child's life you need to be there as a father figure, not just for a day, week, month or a year.

The positive impact of father's affection is indescribable. Children who have caring fathers grow up to be positive, happy and successful. Also, male children of good fathers grow up to be good fathers and husbands themselves.

Basically, this role-model figure is what every father needs to be. So, teach your child how to be a good person and how to live a successful life, founding a caring and loving family of his/her own one day.

All in all, even though your dad cannot give birth to you, he is still there for you, following your every step, even before you can walk.

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