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If you wish to discover the cause or root of your problems with allergy, then a so-called elimination diet may help to do so. The basic idea is the exclusive focus on consuming hypo-allergenic foods.

The Diet

During the course of the diet, water is the sole permitted liquid to be consumed and food should be prepared without any butter, oil or similar ingredients. Meat should be grilled and vegetables should be steamed or simply consumed raw. This diet entirely rules out the consummation of condiments, herbs, salt or any other additive.

Of course, this will reduce the overall taste of the food, but perseverance with the diet should produce results. Those who suffer from allergies may benefit significantly in terms of well-being if they follow this diet, as it focuses on detoxifying the body. Importantly for allergic people, food prepared and served in this manner does not leave behind any allergenic toxins.

It is also important to remember to avoid taking medication during the diet. However, before doing so, make sure to consult your doctor. If you do experience some success in the early stages of the diet, you might even be able to reduce the dosage of medication you require. Again, this must be done only in accordance with medical consultation. Try not to take any vitamin or mineral supplements during the diet, as these supplements might contain potential toxins such as flavoring or coloring.

Identifying allergens

After several days on this diet, you might discover that your body does not require the usual three meals per day. Thus it is possible even to fast for a day or two, since the body’s craving for allergenic foods will be reduced.

When the initial two weeks of the diet is completed, this will bring certain challenges. Elimination of toxins will most likely have occurred at this stage, thus, any foods you eat that cause an allergic reaction can be accurately noted as potential causes of your allergies. So, at this point, after the completion of the initial two weeks, you should reintroduce potentially allergenic foods into your diet.

This must be done systematically, however. Try just one new food each day. Avoid composite foods, as this will not enable you to identify an exact cause of the reaction. Keep a diary in which you should note down the symptoms and reactions that occur after the introduction of the various types of food. Symptoms experienced might vary, but since the body has been recently detoxified, they should be obvious and easy to attribute to various causes.

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