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If you decide to stop smoking, you have to know that thiswill be a difficult journey and you need to be very serious about it in orderto reach the so wanted results. Support is very important in these situations, and quitting largely depends on it. Another very important element of theprocess of elimination of this habit is diet, at least according to some studies.

Quitting Smoking

Diet is the most effective when you prepare to get on the quitting journey.There is a study stating that the taste of cigarettes can be awful by eatingfoods such as fruits, dairy foods and vegetables. But there are some food itemssuch as meat, alcoholic beverages and coffee, which will enhance the taste ofthe cigarettes and make them more appealing. We will now give several tips onquitting of smoking, which you will find valuable if you embark on this trip.


Juice will surely help in removal of toxins from your body. It is veryimportant to remove toxins from your organism, along with nicotine, once youstart with the whole process, and this will make the process more efficient. When we talk about the foods that you should eat,fruits and vegetables are at the top of the preferable food. They have highlevels of vitamins, minerals and fiber, and they will also remove nicotine fromyour organism due to the right diet and food choice. This will help with theprocess and make the mood of the person on this journey improved. 20g of fiberneeds to be consumed daily, along with the great quantities of water. During theday you, need to consume eight glasses of water and this will eliminate nicotinefrom your body. Some of the persons who passed this process say that water makes the need for cigarettes even bigger, but this can be reduced if you add somelemon or orange juice to the water. Calcium rich foods are also advised and such foods are dairy products low in fat and fish. Eat lean meats, fortified grains and spinach in order to get theiron you need, and it will provide the energy you require during the day. If youare very hungry during the meal, you can decrease the cravings by drinking onebig glass of water half an hour before a meal. Moderation is the key and youcan eat the foods you like. Salads are best when eating at the start of thedinner or a lunch and this will prevent overeating. The desire to smoke willeventually decrease and you will lead a healthier life after this process ends.

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