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Blocked Arteries

This problem requires attention because it can lead to much worse problems. We will talk about test that can determine if your arteries are working properly or not. The arteries carry blood throughout the human body and transport nutrients. They take the blood filled with oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body. They can become narrowed if the fat gathers inside them, which will lead to the reduced flow of the blood and further problems.

Clogged arteries or atherosclerosis are other names for this problem. The symptoms are usually hard to detect in the early stage, but they are evident when the arteries have narrowed enough to cause more serious damage. The symptoms show when heart, brain or any vital organ is not getting enough blood. We will now focus on the test that can determine, if the blocked arteries are problem you have.

Carotid Artery Blockage Test

This artery goes through the neck and supplies the brain with blood. Stroke can come from the blocked carotid artery. The examination at the doctor’s office includes a stethoscope, which doctor will use to find a certain sound. If this test is not conclusive, ultrasound test will be performed. If blockage is found, medications will be given. Other test done in order to find the blockage of this artery includes MRI scans, magnetic resonance angiography, contract angiography and magnetic resonance angiography.

Blocked Arteries Tests

The first thing the doctor will examine, if the blockage of arteries is suspected, is the blood pressure. Hypertension and atherosclerosis can cause increased blood pressure and these two problems are created because of the excess fat gathered in the inner layers of arteries. There are several tests further done if the doctor suspects on one of these problems and they include cardiac stress test, angiogram, electrocardiogram, blood tests and vascular lab studies. The vascular lab test will measure the blood pressure in arms and ankles and on several other locations. The access to the vertebral, cervical and carotid arteries is gained by the use of duplex ultrasound method. With this method, doctors are able to detect the exact location of the blockage. Checking of the diabetes level and cholesterol level is done with the blood tests. ECG or electrocardiogram may be needed as well. During this test, the machine will record the impulses coming out from the brain. It measures the heart rate also and it can see if the heart problems or attacks have been sustained in the past, along with the detection of the blockages. When the test is performed for finding the blockage, dye will be inserted with an injection into the arteries. Because of the dye, the blockages will be visible on the monitor. Test that are also used are position emission tomography, coronary angiography, computed tomography and cardiac stress test.

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