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The list of the most common cardiovascular conditions

A number of cardiovascular diseases and problems might affect people, sometimes even regardless of their age. Some of them are a direct consequence of unhealthy lifestyle and habits of an individual, while some can be congenital or inherited from the parents. The list of those that most commonly occur includes:

Angina is actually the term that is used for that pain in the chest area, which usually appears while exercising or under some stress. The real cause lies in insufficient blood supply to the heart. Arrhythmia does not necessarily have to be present in people who suffer from some serious heart condition, because healthy people might experience it as well. It manifests through irregular heartbeats. Atherosclerosis occurs in people when the flow of the blood is blocked or disrupted due to the blood vessels which are either narrowed or hardened, since the plaque accumulated in their walls. Blood clots form very frequently due to this condition, and depending on their location, various symptoms and consequences are possible. Congestive heart failure is a result of blockage or disruption of the blood flow, because the heart looses its ability to pump the blood gradually, which further results in inadequate blood supply to the cells in different parts of the body. Coronary artery disease is actually the condition when the coronary arteries are affected by atherosclerosis. If carotid arteries are affected by atherosclerosis, the person is diagnosed with carotid artery disease. Heart attack occurs when the functioning of the heart muscle stops due to some reason. Hypertension is a very common problem that particularly affects those who suffer from some other heart condition, but it can also cause some other heart problem. It can be controlled in various ways, and it is important not to ignore its presence. Peripheral artery disease is a result of the blockage of some artery which is not inside the heart or brain. Stroke is a result of the blockage of some blood vessel through which oxygen and nutrients are carried to the brain. Due to this blockage, the functioning of the brain stops and this organ begins to die.

The symptoms that might be present depend on the age, gender, seriousness of the condition and many other factors. However, regardless of the type of cardiovascular disease, the fact is that none of them should be ignored no matter how harmless the symptoms might be, because that is the only way to prevent consequences and complications of which some are even life threatening.

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