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Blood vesselsin the neck known as carotid arteries are responsible for the delivery ofoxygenated blood to the brain from the heart. Some health conditions of thebody can affect these arteries and cause arterial blockage. It can happenbecause of the accumulation of the plaque in the arterial walls. Another reasonmay be the burst of the buildup plaque, which caused a clot andblockage of these blood vessels.

Blocked arteriesare a threat to the normal functioning of the brain, for it stops the bloodflow to the brain. Blocked blood vessels in the neck could therefore be the reason of theheart attack or stroke.

Symptoms of CloggedArteries

First symptomsof blocked blood vessels in the artery walls may not be seen until there is acomplete blockage.

Patientswith the partially unclogged arteries may experience no symptoms at all (doctorsrefer to these patients as asymptomatic). It usually happens in the earlystages of the disease, when the body can still function relatively normal.

Progressed stagesof blocked arteries in the neck are associated with the symptoms of a ministroke. These symptoms are also known as the transient ischemic attacksymptoms, which suggest that your brain stays without proper amount of oxygensometimes, but only temporary. This condition is marked by the weakness ofthe body, vision difficulties and speaking problems. Some patients may also experiencetingling sensation. In most cases, these symptoms last for some time (from afew seconds to several hours) and they don’t cause much damage to your brain. Ministroke symptoms are usually not taken seriously, although they should be. Always consult your doctor if you notice anyof these symptoms, since you might prevent the potential damage of your brain.

Totally cloggedarteries obstruct the blood flow to the brain and can cause brain cell deathand lead to the stroke. Patients could experience various stroke symptoms: visionproblems, weakness of the facial muscles, different speech problems, dizziness,balance, and coordination problems, motion inability, etc. The most seriousconsequences of the stroke are definitely brain damage and death.

Clogged Arteries Treatment

Blocked arteriesin the neck could be treated with medications or surgery. Surgical procedure isalso known as carotid endarterectomy, and includes the elimination of the plaquefrom the arteries. This is not a complicated surgery, although it has the samerisks as any other surgical procedure under general anesthesia. Patients areusually down for 30 minutes, and the procedure requires staying in the hospitalfor couple of days.

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