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Importance of prevention

Why is a blocked artery so dangerous and why is itimportant to prevent this form ever happening? Well, arteries are theblood vessels that carry blood rich with oxygen and nutrients pickedfrom the digestive tract to all the cells in the body. If arteriesbecome clogged, how will the cells breathe, and what will providethem with energy and compounds necessary for their functioning? Thecells and the tissue that is fed through the blocked artery willstart to die off. A part of your body will simultaneously starve andsuffocate. Not a good prospect. Now, imagine what would happen ifartery that feeds some vital organ becomes clogged. In a very shorttime, this could have fatal consequences.

How are arteries blocked?

Muscular and elastic arterial walls begin to weakenover time which allows for the formation of plaque on them, by deposition ofvarious substances that are carried by blood.

As you startto age the walls of your arteries will start to weaken. Deposits ofvarious substances can form into a plaque as a result of this. Intime, these deposits will begin to harden and calcify and this causesobstruction or prevention of blood circulation through that arteryand cause disturbance in overall circulation as a side effect,potentially causing problems elsewhere in the circulatory system.


One of the typical symptoms of blocked coronaryarteries (arteries that supply the heart muscle) is angina pectoris,a condition felt as a painful squeezing sensation in the chest andpain in the areas such as the neck, back, and shoulders. Othersymptoms include vomiting, choking sensations, shortness of breath,nausea, and excessive sweating. Legs might feel numb or cold whileskin might turn pale feel strangely cold. Foot pain is also common.Sharp pain to the legs after walking for a short period of timeindicates that there are ongoing circulatory issues related toblocked arteries.


Symptoms of a blocked artery are not specific, asthey are common with many other medical conditions. Many cases ofblocked arteries therefore remain undetected or ignored until it is(almost) too late to escape unharmed. You should make a diagnose yourcondition if you are experiencing some of these symptoms to see ifyou have a clogged artery somewhere. Visit a doctor immediately. Itmight turn out to be something harmless, but if it turns out to be ablocked artery, and if you have diagnosed it in time, your prospectsare going to be much, much better.

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