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There are a large number of people who suffer from themedical condition known as tennis elbow. Fortunately enough there are various differenttreatment methods and preventative methods which can be of great help for thosewho suffer from this medical condition. It is usually caused by acute trauma,repetitive trauma or a combination of these two different types of trauma. Thetreatment for all cases of tennis elbow is the same, as it is not determined bydifferent types of causes. In order to prevent or treat the medical conditionknown as tennis elbow, one needs to determine and understand the actual causeof the condition. There are numerous repetitive stress injuries which can beheld responsible for the onset of tennis elbow. Repetitive twisting, bending orflexing are especially risky.

Treatment Options

In order to start treating the medical condition referred toas tennis elbow, one needs to stop performing all different types of tasks andmotions which contributed to the condition in the first place. One always needsto use ergonomic setups and equipment. One should also always stay within thecomfortable range of motion of the affected joint. One also needs to maintainproper muscular control over the entire motion which gets performed in order toavoid injuries. The particular joint should not be stressed with unbalanced andheavy loads.

It is also very important to maintain the overall health andfitness of the body. An optimal weight also needs to be maintained. A strong body is much more resistant tovarious stressors which can be held responsible for the onset of tennis elbow.A proper cardiovascular health also needs to be maintained because the affectedarea requires proper blood flow so that it can heal properly. Blood is alsovery efficient in carrying the wastes away and providing the cells with properfuel. There are various different types of home treatment for all those whosuffer from tennis elbow. The affected area needs to be treated with ice packsbecause they are very efficient in increasing the blood flow and reducing theinflammatory condition. There are also certain types of over the counternonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs which may be helpful in decreasing theswelling and reducing the severity of the painful sensation. Plenty of rest isof utmost importance. Elbow splints and braces may be required in some cases.The same can be said for ultrasound therapy, cortisone injections, extracorporeal shock wave therapy and surgery.

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