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If a person is experiencing a lot of pain on the outer side of the elbow, while grabbing things, or by mowing one's wrist backwards, then that person is suffering from what is known as a tennis elbow. What is the cause for the tennis elbows it is still unclear.

The pain with the tennis elbow usually starts gradually, but it is not that unusual if it comes suddenly. The groups of people mostly affected are manual workers, or any kind of work that puts a long term strain on the hands. This problem is not strictly male or female; it is consistent to an arm that we use most of the time. So, whether a person is left or right handed, the threat is equal to everyone.

The most prone to the tennis elbow pains are, as the name suggests, tennis players. But, not only them. A series of sports, involving repetitive hand strokes, are participants to this problem; such as fencers, ping-pong players, and golfers. And a lot of manual workers are known to have such a problem, like carpenters, plumbers or painters.

It is assumed that a tennis elbow is more of a result of constant strain or use, and of aging, rather than an inflammation, and the symptoms are a result of body’s impossibility to heal properly, due to low blood flow, in that particular part, and therefore low nutrient supply, which in the end results with small“tears” forming on the tendons.

If a person feels the pain in the outer side of the elbow while sleeping, has difficulties grasping objects at a daily basis, has bruising or is swollen around the joint, the most probable reason is a tennis elbow.

Usually, surgery in these cases is not the first treatment to refer to.If in a period of six to fifteen months, other conventional methods do not give the much needed results, then, a surgery is considered.

There are a few procedures that can relieve a patient of elbow pains, but the main thing in common to them all is the fact that they stimulate the blood flow to the troubled area, and thus feeding the tendons and helping them to heal more efficiently and rapidly.

A splint is needed for the elbow after the surgery, and the elbow needs to be immobilized for about ten days. After that the splint is removed, a patient needs to star the exercise the hand in question, in order to revive the muscles and tendons.

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