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Chronic tennis elbow


Tennis elbow is a certain type of medical condition which is medically referred to as lateral epicondylitis. There are certain people who suffer from chronic tennis elbow, and it is of utmost importance for them to get hold of an appropriate treatment option. Even though there are numerous different types of treatments for those who suffer from chronic tennis elbow, in some cases surgery still may be the only working option.

Methods of Treatment

There have numerous scientific studies conducted in order to determine the efficacy of arthroscopic surgery in all those who suffer from chronic tennis elbow. The most common types of non-operative treatment methods for those who suffer from chronic tennis elbow include modifying activities, plenty of rest and a set of exercises designed specifically designed for this medical condition. There are also certain band-aid solutions such as physical therapy, cortisone injections and bracing. Even though tennis elbow commonly results from certain repetitive motions and activities, it is not always involved with tennis, contrary to what its name might imply. Tennis elbow may affect tennis players, golf players and all those who indulge in repetitive motions of their hands. It is a fortunate fact that there are certain types of alternative for all those who do not want to opt for surgery. Some of the most popular alternative treatment methods for chronic tennis elbow include reflexology and acupressure. Some cases of chronic tennis elbow can be treated with massage therapy.  The good thing about all those alternative treatment methods is that they are all fairly simple and can be applied at home.

Some people prefer tennis elbow exercises as a method of treatment, but unfortunately not everyone can use those. People who suffer from too much pain due to inflammatory conditions may want to try applying some cold packs to the affected area, because ice packs are very efficient in reducing the inflammation. Once the inflammatory condition gets resolved, the painful sensations disappear as well. Most exercises for chronic tennis elbow are meant to strengthen the damaged tendons and muscles. It is important to remember that inflammatory conditions may occur even during the healing process. Some cases still can only be treated by a surgery. The surgery involves the removal of the pathological tissue. The actual procedure is called arthroscopic debridement for chronic tendinitis. Painful sensations are usually minimal, and the elbow usually functions well after the surgery. 

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