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Information on Dong Quai Tea

Dong quai tea is an herbal tea made from the Chinese herbwhich is very efficient in improving the quality of overall and sexual healthof a person. Dong quai herbal tea is also very helpful because it provides thehuman body with numerous other health benefits. It contains a large number ofessential nutrients such as vitamin A, tannins, vitamin B3, silicon, vitaminB12, selenium, vitamin C, resin, vitamin E, phosphorus, calcium, potassium,magnesium and iron.

It provides the human body with all those importantnutrients which are responsible for various vital processes and chemicalreactions inside the human body. The female body requires a normal bloodcirculation in the areas which surround the genital and it needs to have itshormones properly balanced so that the sexual health can reach its peak. Sexualcravings can sometimes get significantly reduced because of mental stress,fatigue and anxiety. Estrogen is an important part of sexual desire in femalepersons. Low levels of this important hormone cause a reduction of desire andarousal.

Health Benefits of Dong Quai Tea

Dong Quai is well known as an efficient blood tonic. It isvery helpful because it stimulates, strengthens and harmonizes the blood andenhances its proper distribution to all the different body parts and areas.Blood deficiency can be very harmful and it may also affect one’s libido. It canbe characterized by certain symptoms such as abdominal pain, tinnitus, menstrualdisorders, pallid skin, palpitations and blurred vision.

Dong quai enhances thesexual arousal which can always be characterized by an improved blood flow anda faster heart rate. Dong quai tea canalso be of great help when it comes to controlling the hormonal balance,reducing the intensity of premenstrual syndrome, relieving the menstrual painand toning the female reproductive system.

Dong quai tea is very efficient indetoxifying the liver, restoring the muscles, relieving various inflammatory conditionsand acting as an excellent anti rheumatic agent. It is of great help when itcomes to relaxing the body, relieving anxiety, reducing stress, alleviatingpressure and normalizing the functioning of the central nervous system.

It canalso be very helpful in preventing and fighting numerous different kinds ofbacterial infections and boosting the immune system. Donq quai tea also has apositive effect on the digestive tract. Dong quai can always be combined withother types of herbs used in the traditional Chinese medicine such as hornygoat weed or damiana.

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