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All those who want to enjoy being out in the sun and get anoutdoor skin tan need to be aware of the fact that there is a proper procedurewhich needs to be followed. Skin tanning outdoors may not be safe in certainsituations and one should take certain measures of precaution before gettinginvolved in such activity. Inappropriate and excessive exposure to the sunneeds to be avoided at all costs. Those who intend to spend several hourssunbathing on a beach or some other attractive location need to plan the timeschedule very carefully. If one is to use direct sunlight from the sun it isalways a good idea to do so in the period from sunrise to about 10 am. Beyondthis point the sunlight and its rays become much more scorching and they maycause the occurrence of sunburns. The most dangerous period is usually aroundnoon where the sunlight causes sunburns rather easily. Numerous scientificstudies have shown that excessive exposure to sunlight between 10 am and 3 pmmay cause significant damage to the skin and may even be affiliated with theonset of certain types of skin cancer in most cases. Whether a person plans toget involved in sunbathing or not, it is still recommended to be very carefulwhen spending extended amounts of time in the sunlight. Sunlight hasultraviolet rays which can do much harm to the skin. Those who spend plenty oftime outside in the sun, need to wear sunscreen with a sun protection factor ofat least 15. Sunscreen needs to be worn even during the cloudy days because daylightmay still contain dangerous levels of ultraviolet rays during the periodbetween 10 am and 3 pm.

Outdoor tanning

One must carefully plan the time schedule when it comes tooutdoor tanning. Investing in tanning moisturizers, creams and lotions is alsoa very good idea. It is recommended to always choose products manufactured by renownedand reliable brands. Maui Babe is one such manufacturer so one shoulddefinitely check out all the tanning lotions and sunscreens they offer. Tanninglotions and creams need to be used before and during the actual tanning becausethey are very efficient in preparing the skin for the process of tanning. Itmay also be a good idea to apply a skin moisturizer to the skin at least once aday, so that it can maintain its proper coloration. Skin exfoliating productsand bleachers should be avoided.

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