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There are plenty of pregnancy health controversies. Some things are simply dangerous while you are pregnant, like drinking alcohol, while others are considered safe by some and not safe by others, like eating raw fish. Where does tanning come in? Is tanning during pregnancy safe? Or not? Let's take a look at the risks of tanning during pregnancy.

I used to be quite the tanning addict myself at some point. My skin is extremely pale and will simply not get any darker, unless I spent... a lot of time using sunbeds. I love tanning salons, and how the warmth of a sunbed relaxes you and your muscles! And, of course I love a nice sun tan! With that in mind, I asked my doctor whether it would be alright to use sunbeds in pregnancy or not. Her answer was that there are no known risks to unborn babies when it comes to tanning. But, she said, she did not want to say tanning was "safe" because sunbeds are known to increase the risk of getting cancer, so they are never safe not in pregnancy, or at any other time. The same goes for staying in the sun too long.

Saying that it is a good idea to use a sun protection factor and avoid being out in the sun for hours on end seems like a common sense bit of advice. It has little to do with pregnancy, however. Sun exposure does of course do your Vitamin D levels some good. Did you know that the average American spends so little time outside that they have a Vitamin D deficiency and need a supplement? Artificial tanning sprays are safe to use in pregnancy and might be the best option for you if you have a baby bump and want some color on you, too! Planning a holiday? See travel tips for pregnant women. For other pregnancy safety issues look at what not to eat during pregnancy.

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