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In order to understand the prevention of mastitis and the protocol for curing it, it is important to be acquainted with its cause.

Mastitis is a breast inflammation. There are several simple things which can be done in order to avoid mastitis. There are also several simple ways to cure mastitis. Mastitis appears due to plugged breast ducts. It usually affects women, but men can get mastitis too.

Ways to avoid mastitis are simple. The secret lies in taking care of the body and eating a healthy diet. Of the entire population, new mothers are the most exposed to mastitis. This is because, with all the adjusting to a new lifestyle, new child and all the changes, they forget to take care of themselves.
Mastitis can also be a sign of dehydration.

The first and the most important thing to do is to avoid eating toxins.

Finally, learning about food tolerance should help in finding the right diet for mastitis.
Every cure or prevention program involves body cleansing as a very important element. Even though the changes in diet are a form of cleansing, it usually takes more than that. This especially concerns the liver and its health.  Body cleansing is important for everyone, even for children.
Internal organs can contain large amounts of toxins. Sometimes it may not be possible to clear out these toxins without body cleansing.

Sometimes, a large number of intrahepatic stones can be found inside the liver. They block the bile flow and affect the digestion.

There are also parasites and dental toxins to think of in treatment.

The order of cleansing programs should follow this order: bowel and parasite cleansing, dental cleanup (if possible), kidney cleansing and liver cleansing.
Children may need only parasite cleansing, dental cleanup (for children over 8 years of age) and liver cleansing.

Physical activity is important, as it helps the cleansing by bringing balance and relieving stress. The form of exercise is not strictly defined. It can be chosen according to individual affinities. Here are some suggestions: jogging or walking in nature, meditation, yoga, tai chi, chi gong, swimming in non-chlorinated water, martial arts, weight lifting, dancing, stretching, gymnastics, or aerobic.

Important things to remember are not to exercise with a full stomach and not to get exhausted or injured.

Modern pesticides and industrial toxins can only leave the body through sweat glands. A great way for body cleansing from the accumulated toxins is through sweating. Ideas to achieve this may be visiting a sauna, exercising in heavy clothes, eating cayenne pepper, or drinking warm tea in a hot room.

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