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Water infection occurs in women more than in men, but in both cases it is a very bothersome condition.


Water infections are triggered by certain types of bacteria which exist in the bowel. Sometimes the bacteria get to the urethra and cause an infection. The infection occurs in women more often because the urethra is located much closer to the anus which makes it easier for bacteria to get there. Urinary tract infections are common in teenagers because some of them tend to keep the pubic area unclean. A female urethra can be irritated by some types of bathing products and some contraceptive products.


It is also known as the infection of the urinary tract. Women are ten times more prone to the infection than men and every fourth woman usually experiences symptoms of water infection at some point in life. When they do occur, water infections affects both women and men in the same way and the most characteristic symptom is painful urination. Pain may be present in the lower back abdomen and underneath the ribs as well. Other symptoms may be affiliated with water infection, too. They include blood in the urine, smelly or cloudy urine, incontinence, more frequent urination. One can also suffer from urinating only small amounts while the bladder feels as if it is full.

There are certain other symptoms of water infection that may occur as well and those includes fever, diarrhea, nausea, chills and vomiting. If it occurs in women, it may also trigger light vaginal bleeding. Those who suffer from diseases which affect the immune system may experience symptoms that are slightly more severe than usual. Water infections usually cause discomfort and usually requires immediate medical attention.


The infection is commonly treated with antibiotic medications and if it does not get treated on time it may lead to kidney infections or certain other severe conditions. During the treatment one can drink plenty of water because it helps in getting the bacteria out of the body. Cranberry juice can be used for the same purposes as water because it kills the bacteria and helps with the healing process. One should also add more minerals and vitamins to the daily diet. If the diet does not provide the precious nutrients one may consider taking mineral and vitamin supplements. In order to prevent water infection and help it heal faster when it occurs one should eat less sugar.

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