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About anxiety

Anxiety is a term that refers to a psychological or physiological state a person occasionally comes to, characterized by fear, panic, apprehension and similar feelings, usually without a specific trigger.

This condition, which usually does not rely on an identifiable outside stimulus, is different from fear because the situation leading to it is perceived as uncontrollable. In addition, anxiety is usually focused on future negative events, rather than on the present, current events.

Emotional signs of anxiety, aside from fear, panic or apprehension, can include restlessness, difficulty concentrating and irritability. As for the physical signs, they are usually quite pronounced and may include heart palpitations, sweating, tremor, headache, nausea, chest pain, fatigue and similar.

People who are prone to anxiety, whether it is constant or in form of occasional attacks, need to learn ways to cope with it and to help themselves feel better.

Anxiety self-help tips

When a person feels fearful or worried, or feels that he or she is in some sort of danger, the main physiological response, which is common for most animals, is the so called “fight or flight” response that triggers an adrenaline burst. The adrenaline should be burned off and the bets way to do it is physical exercise. Many people who suffer from anxiety have noticed their condition was greatly improved in periods of frequent and intense workouts.

Another thing that can be very helpful is a healthy lifestyle, with a well-balanced diet and without alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, caffeine and other stimuli.

Relaxation is just as important. It does not matter how it is achieved - some like meditating and some feel much better after a series of breathing exercises. Even a nice warm bubble bath can help a lot with anxiety and panic attacks.

However, it is very important to deal with the problem on the emotional level. It helps to talk to friends and family members and to share the problem with others. Helping others is a good way to clear the mind and get a fresh perspective. Volunteering or participating in solving the community issues is a great way to take a break from the burdensome worries.

General optimism and positive thinking have a much bigger impact on both the psychological and the physical state than most people think. It starts a chain reaction that comprises of physiological responses and the body and mind eventually become tuned in a different way, the one that is less prone to fear and apprehension.

Anxiety should not be ignored. It is an actual problem and it can be a very heavy burden for the person suffering from it. There is no point in pretending everything is fine and the problem should be tackled one way or another.

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