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Yoga Practice

We will talk about how you can make yoga much more enjoyable.This great tip will help you get the full benefits of the yoga and it will makethe series of physical exercises and movements beneficial. If you want this,you just have to make the Witnessing Consciousness active during your training.

How to Improve it

This is an essential piece of information and it will improveyour yoga a lot. If you practice yoga, you join or yoke, and when we speak ofthe joining, we mean of the one of the Universal Consciousness and your consciousness.Yoga is basically this, and this is the main principle of this. Everything doneduring yoga has this as its purpose. In order to get the true Oneness ofReality, we have to reach the Infinity and to do this, yoga can help. Several limbs are included in yoga and one of them is hatha yoga. This is theyoga's physical aspect but it can be much more if you make the Witnessing Consciousnessactive. It can make your yoga spiritual and we will see how this is really done. The name Witnessing Consciousness is just standing and looking at thesurrounding and what is doing on around you. This basically means that you haveto see your life from the third person's view. This is some sort of self-studyand it provides impersonal awareness. Never judge or criticize in order to havethe best effect on you. The awareness has to be active, and while you practice thehatha yoga include all three dimensions of being (mental, emotional and physical)and watch what you are doing, like you are in a movie. You will be able to revealyourself and purge your body so you can be peaceful and get to the Truth, whichwill help you to blossom. This tip is not associated with hatha yoga only. Do the watching whenever youcan and only when you exercise, but know that you cannot do this for the entireday. The spiritual progress can be measured by the length of this time, so moretime you are able to watch yourself means more spiritual development. Spiritualadvancement is high if you can do this for 80% of the day. But there are peoplewho can do only 10% and they have to practice a lot. You will surely see changes in your life if you include this tip in your yoga exercises.When you do hatha yoga poses, you need to do the practice of the tip, since thisis the best time to do it. Mental activity is not really needed for the hathayoga, so you can focus it on the exercise of self-observation. There are posesof hatha yoga that do need your attention, but you have to try to get some self-observation.If we talk about importance, Witnessing Consciousness beats the particular poseanytime. No matter what yoga type you are practicing, you can practice theWitnessing Consciousness as well and you will get to the Truth.

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