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A lot of people are aware that anxiety is both a psychological and physiological state which is characterized by certain components. These components are Somatic, emotional, cognitive and behavioral. A person who is experiencing anxiety will most likely suffer from certain feelings like fear, worry, uneasiness and even dread. In some situations anxiety is not bad and it actually helps a person to cope with hard situations. However, in most cases it is considered to be bad for a person and if it becomes excessive then it is considered that a person is suffering from anxiety disorder.

In order to relief himself or herself naturally of anxiety a person needs to know how to deal with the symptoms of anxiety. A person needs to regain a sense of control and he or she can achieve that with the help of anti-anxiety herbs like lemon balm, lavender and passionflower. These herbs are known to increase the effectiveness of any symptom management strategy. Exercise, social support, talk therapy, diet and natural remedies are also considered to be natural anxiety relieves.

Normal anxiety and anxiety disorder

There is a difference and people need to know that. A person should realize that it is natural for him or her to feel anxiety or worry in certain situations in life. It is because of the normal conditioning of the body that people are alert when there is possible danger and need to make certain decisions. However, if these feelings of agitation become more often and have an impact on a person’s life, he or she needs to manage them. Relaxation techniques are an important part of a successful anxiety treatment. A person may also be prescribed with certain anti-anxiety medications but they can cause side effects.

Natural anxiety relief tips

A good advice is to take some 5 minutes of break after 55 minutes of work. That way a person will see if there is stress or anxiety present.

Breathing slowly also helps. A person should be aware of the breathing while he or she is doing it.

People who consume coffee should pay attention to how much they drank during one day. That may be the cause of agitation.

Any excess energy can be released through exercise. Ten minutes in the morning or evening will suffice.

Natural anti-anxiety herbs

People have used lemon balm, passionflower and lavender for centuries in order to treat anxiety because these herbs support the brain and nervous system. Modern studies have confirmed it.

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