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Many people suffer from hemorrhoidsand are unaware of simple treatments that can bring immediate and lastingrelief. Many options are inexpensive andreadily available through local pharmacies, super markets and even conveniencestores.

What are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids, known alsoas piles, are actually bulges on the blood vessels inside the alimentary canal,as well as inside or outside of the anus.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids

The usual symptomsinclude Symptoms include itching, tenderness, pain, swelling, bowel seepage, palpitationsin the rectum, and in severe cases, bleeding.

Hemorrhoid Causes

There are many causes ofhemorrhoids, but the main causes include:

Irregular bowelmovementsIntense wipingLow intake of fiber richfoodsProlonged sittingPoor water consumptionHard physical activity

If there is blood inyour stool, you should seek professional medical help, because it can be a signof other conditions such as colon cancer.

Hemorrhoid Relief

Hemorrhoids are usuallytemporary and many products are available that can provide immediaterelief. When combined with behavioralchanges, permanent relief usually results. Many products exist in the form of creams, ointments and suppositories,the most popular being Preparation H, with the active ingredient PhenylephrineHCl. Ask your local pharmacist for hisrecommendation for an “over the counter” remedy.

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