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If you smoked marijuana for a long time and if you smoked several joints per day you will probably go through the difficult period when you decide to quit.

People that are going through the phases of quitting marijuana experience both psychological and physical symptoms.

The first symptom that is almost always present is a state of restlessness and anxiety. You will feel nervous and stressed out and you will not have the dose that used to calm you in such situations. Nervousness can thus worsen until you experience a real panic attack. You will ramble through all your stuff trying to find at least a little bit of weed tries to stop for a moment, sit and breathe deeply. This will help you relax. Try keeping you busy with everyday activities. Go for a walk, but make sure you do not just drop by to your previous dealer to buy a bit of weed.

The second symptom of quitting smoking cannabis is insomnia and racing thoughts. Since your body is used to get its dose of marijuana that helps you to relax and fall asleep, it will feel too much awake without it. Your thoughts will rush through your head drawn by panic and stiffness of your body. You will think only about joint and will not be able to close your eyes not even for a second. In severe cases, people cannot sleep for days. This is the normal state of mind when going through withdrawal from weed. You will calm down and sleep better soon. Stick to your sleeping schedule anyway.

However, once you succeed falling asleep you will experience vivid dreams that can even turn into nightmares. This is also normal thing when quitting smoking pot. The thing is that you did not dream for months or even years while you were smoking marijuana and your consciousness is finally able to send you all messages that it could not have sent you for years. You will catch yourself dreaming about things that happened ages ago. You may dream about marijuana or at worst you will have horrible nightmares such as the end of the world.

Another symptom of detoxifying is appetite loss. First few days after quitting smoking weed you will not be able to eat. You will feel ill, something like the beginning of flu. You will be depressed and food will not taste the same. After some while, this period will end and you will start gaining weight.

You may also sweat excessively. Do not panic, your body is only trying to clean itself from THC from marijuana. Another reason for sweating can be tension that you go through. This is also just a single stadium of withdrawal from smoking pot.

It is important to be persistent and to have strong will stop being a drug addict. Great thing is to have support from your loved ones during this hard times.

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