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Elbows are composedof three bones the humerus, radius and ulna bones, as well as of tendons, ligamentsand muscles, the elements that assist in the steadiness of the joints and make themovements easier. Humerus is the only bone present in the human upper arm and itstretches from shoulder to elbow, while the radius and ulna compose the skeleton ofthe forearm and they stem from elbow to wrist. Elbow joints enable stretching, foldingand upward-downward movements of the arms.

Elbow damage can appear commonly with adults as well as in young persons. Severe elbow injuries should be treated in duetime so as to avoid additional complications, such as bone deformities, vascular,motor and neurological problems. When an injury occurs, it is stronglyadvisable to seek medical assistance in order to avoid possible severeconsequences or even disability.

A healthy elbowenables flexion (bending), extension (straightening) and rotation of an arm (movingaround one spot). Those are the three types of movements in one joint.

If an elbow isswollen, warped, red or bruised, this is usually a sign of an elbow fracture. Othersymptoms might include problematic and often painful movement.

When it comes to serious injuries, they often bear the risk of injuring blood vessels or the threeprincipal nerves.

Elbow injuriesmay have severe consequences to one’s health, especially if not treatedproperly. The intensity of the subsequent problems largely depends on the kindof the injury, the patient’s age and health.

It has beenobserved that children recover more easily from injuries, since their bones havethe ability to heal faster. A child's bones have a greater number of places from where bones develop.

Injured elbows entail the risk of aninfection, which should be prevented by using antibiotics and sterileinstruments.

A patient with an elbow injury mayexperience problems with moving their arm. This type of injury might also leadto nerve and blood vessel damage, bone deformities, arthiris, nonunion, ormalnunion. This situation occurs more often with adults because their bones donot heal as well as those of children.

Nonunion is a term which is used todescribe the situation when a bone does not go back to its normal state afterthe injury and it is solved by grafting or including artificial joints. Malunionis a term for a situation when broken bones do not heal back in a normal way and theyare curved.

Arthritisis term for joint inflammation, a state which is very common in elbows.

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