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Definition and Occurrence

Colle's fracture is a medical term for the fracture of the distal part of the radius one of two bones that are located in the forearm. The fracture leads to improper position of hand which is pulled backwards and to the outside of the forearm. This sort of fracture usually develops in case of front fall and when a person uses hands and arms to mitigate the fall.

In elderly patients the full recovery is not possible and the wrist will not function to the same extent as it used to.


In children the fracture tends to heal without any additional complications. If there are any signs of remaining bone abnormalities they will vanish completely due to further growth and bone development of the child.

The elderly patients present a possible problem as they are not capable of complete recovery. The minor deformities are easy to be dealt with as they do not have to interfere in regular usage of the hand. Still the wrist may lose its movement abilities to different extent. The movements may be slightly limited or the complete stiffness of the joint may result from the fracture.

Compressive neuropathy is one of the additional complications. The fracture may lead to compression and either median or ulnar neuropathy can occur. Some patients usually the older ones develop arthrosis of the wrist or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Malunion happens in all those who have experience dislocated fracture. In case the fragments of the bones have not been placed back on their original site the malunion occurs.

In some patients dislocated fractures of the broken bone may lead to the rupture of tendons. These patients have to undergone tendon grafts as the direct repair of the ruptured tendon may not be possible as some of the tendon tissue has been lost for good.

The components of the fixation can loosen and even infection in the area of fixation may develop.

The long-term complication may be everlasting pain in the wrist. This annoying and exhausting complication may require additional surgical treatment.

How to Help in Case that Colle's Fracture Occurs

The injured person has to be transferred into the hospital. Before that the fractured forearm is placed in resting position and immobilized. Elevation of the forearm can be done with the usage of a sling. The edema can be treated with cold compresses or ice packs. No one accept the doctor should try to bring the broken fractures into their original place.

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