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Fractured Elbow

Children and adults can suffer an elbow injury and there are certain complications associated with this injury, but the treatment and early recognition are very important in preventing these complications and potential disability in the future. There are three bones in the elbow and those are ulna and radius, which are forearm bones, humerus, which is a bone located in the upper arm and goes from the shoulder to the elbow, and the tendons, muscles and ligaments, which are responsible for the movement of the joint and the stability of the elbow. There are certain motions that are allowed by the elbow and they are rotation, which is when you turn the palm up and down, straightening or extension, and bending or flexion. Dislocations and fractures are more serious injuries and they can damage the elbow structure and its bones. This will impair nerve functioning, blood vessel functioning and movement. Children have growth centers on their bones and these are the areas where the bone grows, so if these centers suffer a fracture, the development of the bone may be affected. When a person suffers an elbow fracture, the bone is broken in one of the three elbow bones that construct the elbow joint.


Draining of the elbow joint can be done in the emergency department if the joint is filled with blood or fluid. The presence of blood or fluid may help the doctor to diagnose the problem. Also, this may reduce the pain and pressure on the elbow. There may be need for casts, slings and splints. Plaster splints are mostly used and placed on the arm's back area. This will position the elbow in a right and wanted way. If you have a broken elbow, you will have to wear a splint going from the shoulder along the whole length of the arm. This will avoid bending of the elbow or any other turning of the hand since they are unwanted because they may affect the healing process. A sling may be used so that the arm can rest. At home you may have to remove the splint and keep the arm above your head since this can reduce the swelling. In the first days of the injury, the swelling will press the blood vessels and nerve so this can come very handy in these first few days. Newly injured elbows seldom receive cases because the swelling can damage the blood vessels and nerves and this will not be visible since the cast will surround the entire arm. Resetting of the bone may be needed if the elbow is out of joint or if it is broken. This will reduce the pain as well, activate proper healing process and prevent the damage caused by the pressing or cutting of the blood vessels or nerves caused by the broken bones. You may feel anxiety and pain during the placing of the bone to a normal position, but there are medications that can help you.

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