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Purging ofthe arteries

Piled upplaque inside the walls of the arteries is becoming increasingly present in thetoday’s society. This article will try to provide you with further inforegarding this increasingly present medical problem. It is a dangerous issue,but there are the some measures one can take to more or less successfully removethe repercussions.

The plaqueon the inside of the blood vessels is induced by various different reasons. Thecholesterol and fats from the food gradually become deposited on the walls ofthe arteries and this medical condition is called atherosclerosis. These depositsover time reduce the diameter of the involved blood vessel, thus restrictingfree blood flow. This way some tissues of the body will permanently be devoidof sufficient amount of oxygen and other indispensible elements. Increased intakeof cholesterol in the body induced piling up of cholesterol on the blood vesselwalls. After a while, these deposits may start chipping off and those littlepieces of plaque might travel through the blood stream to vital organs, causingstroke.


Patients haveat their disposal different means of fighting atherosclerosis, and one of themis surgery. However, if you would like to avoid a procedure this invasive,there is the chance that you might apply some natural measures and succeed indecreasing the amount of plaque. If you opt for natural solution, remember toinclude enough vitamins into your nutrition. Here we recommend vitamins E andC. Good sources are lemon and kiwi for vitamin C, or sunflower seed for vitaminE.

There arealso natural supplements that work on reducing plaque of the arteries bydissolving it, and the supplement may be some form of garlic supplement or fishoil. Make sure to stay away from saturated fats in your nutrition, as they arethe ones that can provoke much trouble due to the fact that they stick to yourblood vessel walls. Instead, try to eat as much raw and fresh food as you can.

If you seekto decrease the amount of plaque in your arteries, try to regularly ingest oilextracted from fish and different kinds of nuts. Olive oil is another type ofoil that is known for its ability to reduce the amount of plaque, thuspreserving your coronary health. Good dietary fiber, or indigestible fiber, issomething that is to be found in oats, whole grain products and fruits andveggies and that can purge your arteries of the harmful deposits.

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