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Swollen wrist may be a serious problem sometimes, since this is the one of the body parts that we usethe most during one day. When we use a wrist too much, it may be easy to damageits fragile constitution. Wrist has muscles, ligaments, and tiny bones. We willtalk about the wrist problem in the following text.

Causes of Swollen wrist

The first possible cause is the injury of the wrist, which can happen due to thepressure applied on the wrist or an injury, and this may lead to tearing of the musclesor the ligaments, or to the bone fracture. Swelling and pain accompany theseproblems. Next cause of the swollen wrist is a condition named wristtendonitis and it is associated with the swelling of the wrist's tendon. This canbe caused by holding the wrist in a wrong position for a long time, using wrist withouthaving pauses or doing work on the computer. The swollen wristscan be a problem that usually affects older generations and in such cases it is caused by arthritis,usually the osteoarthritis. Both of these problems are characterized by swellingand pain. They commonly start from the thumb base and then affect thesurrounding area and the wrist. Also, these problems may bring hot feeling whentouching the wrist, and redness of the troubling location.

Treatment for Swollen wrist

The first part of the fight against the swelling of the wrist is theelimination of the inflammation. There are several home remedies that willhelp you in this task. One of the most effective refers to the ice packs, which shouldbe put on the location. The cold temperature will reduce the inflammation andthis will lead to the reduction of the pain. When the pain is reduced, theexact cause must be found, which can only be done in a hospital. For this,doctor will perform X-ray and MRI scans and these tests will see if the bone isdamaged or not.

The treatment will follow the proper diagnosis. Fractures will require cast and maybe taking painkillers for the serious pain. Restis one of the treatment methods for wrist swelling caused by arthritis or othercauses. If this problem is present, patient should not lift heavy things andmay need to wear a compression bandage. Also, remember to put the wrist inelevated position and to massage the affected location, because this will reduce thepain. Another method of treatment is physical therapy, since there are exercises that willmake the wrist more flexible, which may prevent future wrist problems.

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