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The Human Hand

Although we tend to take it forgranted our hand is made out of many different parts and piecesworking together to provide us with the dexterity and high usabilityof this part of our body. It consists of three groups of bones incharge of different sections of the hand. Namely fourteen bones operatefunctions connected with our fingers five bones are in charge of themiddle part of our hand while the wrist consists of eight bonescrucial for it's usability. Also besides bones there are numeroustiny muscle tendon and ligament structures present they alltogether forming this perhaps the most important part of our upperlimbs.

Problems Causing Pain

There are numerous conditions which maycause our hand to be enable to function correctly. One of these isconnected with inflammation of the tendons ligaments and other partsof our hand. This condition is called arthritis and is most commonwith older people or athletes.

Osteoarthritis is another conditionoften connected with the elderly. It manifests itself throughdeformation of the joints due to injuries, overuse, straining or thegenetic factor.

Cartilage may also be formed and occurin our finger joints causing pain and discomfort.

As we make our list longer and longer there is a nerve traveling through our body called the median nerve.Sometimes this nerve gets caught in our wrist area. Since the nerveis in charge of many sensory functions this may result in handmovement and function difficulties “pins and needles” sensation,swelling and many other discomforts. There are many ways to cure thisconditions varying from operation to medication.

If you start feeling pain andirritation in your wrists caused by a certain type of movement andreinforced by it is followed by gradual swelling and weakness with avisible mark on the swollen part you may have a ganglion cyst. Thiscyst is small and harmless at first but, in some cases it tends togrow and limit normal functions of one's hand. In such casestreatment is necessary again either surgical ormedication-connected.

Beside bones inflammation of tendonsis another possible problem. Wrists, fingers, and the hand in generalmay be affected by these pain often being the most common indicator.Most often caused by overuse and straining these conditions may alsobe provoked by an underlying disease of some sorts. The treatmentconsists of changing some aspects of the patient's lifestyleregarding daily activities surgery immobilization of theproblematic part steroid injections and the usage of medicationswhich reduce inflammations.

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