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Painful Arm Muscles

We will try to bring closer the problem of pain experienced in the arm muscles. This article will help you to become educated about this problem, so that you can react in the proper way if this pain presents itself. Several items construct an arm and those are muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, and nerves. All of these items can get damaged in some way. Damage chances are high because we use arms very often. In fact they are the most used body parts. They are used for carrying and even communication. Pain can be caused by the damaged made from excess pressure brought on with some activity. This pain can occur at any location form the wrist to the shoulder.

Causes of Arm Muscles Pain

One of the most common causes is the carpal tunnel syndrome. This syndrome, along with the repetitive strain injury of the wrist due to excessive use of mouse or keyboard can be present during pregnancy and during the night. Certainly the most common cause is the muscle fatigue. This is usually brought on by the overuse of the arm. Another possible cause is the shoulder, arm or neck pinched nerve. Naturally, if a fracture or broken bone occurs, the pain in the arm will be present, too. This usually happens due to a fall, but if the broken bone is a result of a fall, the pain may not be evident in the beginning, but it will increase gradually. When the tendon located by the shoulder is torn, a problem called bicipital tendinitis occurs. Also, if you lift something heavy in the gym, your tendons in the shoulders may get inflamed, which produces great pain, usually in the bicep and upper arm area. Heart attack can also produce pain in the arm, which is severe and acute. This problem is followed by the nausea, chest pain, breathing problems and already mentioned pain that usually occurs on the left side of the body. Shoulder misalignment can cause the problem, because it affects the blood circulation. Symptoms like tingling and arm numbness accompany the problem called cervical disk herniation. This problem also causes the arm pain.


The pain cause will determine the treatment. The most common treatment is ice application. For problem such as carpal tunnel syndrome or muscle fatigue, avoiding activities with the arm is needed. Also, do exercises, such as raising the arm to the chest and back. For problems caused by pinched muscle, see a chiropractor or neurologist. For this problem, anti-inflammatory drugs are given for the swelling and the pain, but physical therapy will be needed as well.

Sometimes surgery is the only solution for this problem. Problem caused by torn bicep muscle or bicipital tendinitis will require physical therapy, anti-inflammatory drugs and rest. Surgery or medications can be used on cervical disk herniation. The problem of arm pain can be mistaken for insignificant. Any pain is serious enough to see a doctor. Remember to always visit a doctor if you experience the pain more than three days.

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