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When we think of exercising, the first thing that comes to ourminds is a push up picture, or abs exercising, running, lifting weight. Well,this maybe happened couple of decades ago, when the exercising started to beadvertised in media and became more and more popular. Today, it is a differentthing. Young and inexperienced people think of exercising tools, all sorts ofmachines and devices, supplements, pills. It seems like good old-fashionedexercising is at the last spot. Some people do not even consider exercisingbecause they do not have enough money for additional help.

Pill vs. thrill

Well, it seems that media and ever-growing industry havemade a huge blow to sweating for a fit and strong body. All that is needed isdigesting a pill and the effects are here. But, is it all that the actual truth?No, of course not. There is no pill or any kind of supplement and instrumentthat can replace standard exercising. They might help, but cannot have the sameeffect. Exercising should be the main tool when it comes to making a greatlooking and muscled body. Other stuff should be in background and used only ifnecessary (which is not often).


The only truly effective tools for those who exercise areadditional weight (in forms of dumbbells and barbells, for example), goodrunning gear, perhaps a good bicycle. And that is it. There are some thingsthat are selling as revolutionary breakthrough devices that will help us lookamazing. One of those is ab lounger, which will supposedly help with developingabdominal muscles, it does not require lying on the floor or bench, it can beperformed everywhere. We cannot say that this particular instrument is noteffective, but some effects are obviously present. However, can it actually bebetter than crouches and sit ups; well that is a different matter. Ab loungerexercises for beginners do not seem effective at all. But, that is a choicethat the practitioner has to make. If possible, try out the instrument beforebuying it. But also, try all abs exercises available, without devices or withthem, just to be certain which are the most effective. If you find that sometool has more effect, take it and use it. The final goal is all that matters,and will you reach it in an old fashioned way, or with the help of some moderntool, that is actually not important at all.

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