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Taking a first plane trip with a small baby can be quite the challenge. When you are a new parent, it is easy to wonder how you are going to pull it off. Thankfully, air travel with a small infant is not really a big deal if you prepare properly. Here are some tips from a seasoned air traveler on how to survive your plane journey with a baby.

Take a change of clothes. This is the Holy Grail of air travel with babies. In fact, that a few different sets of clothes for you and for baby, in your on board luggage. Your baby is bound to spit up all over himself and you, and perhaps more than once. You might suffer one of those poop explosions on-flight, and drinks can get spilt. Newborns are much less messy than toddlers (though it's harder than flying while pregnant!), but can still "perform" quite well in the wet and dirty department. Get an extra seat. Of course, small babies can travel in your seat. If you want to take your infant car seat on the plane with you rather than checking it in, you will need to get a seat for your baby. The advantage of this is that you can have them sleep there. If you have a transfer somewhere and baby is sleeping when the plane lands, this method of travel is especially handy. Take a baby carrier. A great baby carrier makes your baby so much more portable, and that is very important on a plane trip, especially while traveling to the airport and through it. If you are a breastfeeding mom, the chances are that instant comfort is only a few inches away! In any case, making sure your baby has his needs met and is not hungry, cold, hot, or has a wet diaper is important. Sure, this is pointing out the obvious, but we thought we ought to mention it.

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