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There are quite a few different disorders that can make the eye lids droop down farther than they should.

Causes of Drooping Eye Lids

There is a condition called dermatochalasis which is manifested through excess amount of eye lid skin, giving the look of sagging eye lids. Sometimes if there is too much eye lid skin it can even cause the host to have a hindered vision. It is basically caused over age because the elasticity of the skin becomes more and more supple. There is another condition called ptosis which will actually make the eye lid droop rather than have excess skin. Both of these conditions are caused by aging. With ptosis the muscles can become loose or even come away completely from the plate of the eye thus giving a drooping effect. There are other reasons for a drooping eye lid for instance a person may have some scarring after an injury or a possible childhood break down of the eyelid system.How to Fix Sagging Eyelids

The majority of the time if the host has ptosis or dermatochalasis the usually course of action is surgery. If the problem is dermatochalasis the surgeon will put minute cuts on the crease of the eye lid and basically remove the excess skin. If the patient is having surgery for ptosis the surgeon again will put a minute cut along the crease of the eye lid to expose the plate. From here they will re –attach the muscle with stitches. Neither surgery should leave any tale tell signs of having a surgical procedure. Both of the procedures are done as an outpatient process. In some cases, you may be given a Valium pill or even an intravenous drug just to take the edge off and make you feel more calm and relaxed. Both procedures are quick, taking around twenty minutes to half an hour.The Recovery Period for Eyelid Surgery

Most of the time the stitches, which are dissolvable are used so they will be absorbed into the body after a couple of weeks. You will probably need to use an antibiotic gel on the wounded area to help in the prevention of scarring. You may notice bruising after the surgery, just simply apply ice packs to help bring down the bruising and swelling.

Risks of Eyelid Surgery

Risks of eyelid surgery are rather rare. They include bleeding, scaring, infections and in extreme cases vision or even eye loss.

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