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Gallbladder surgery side effects

Gallbladder is one of the many organs in the body which is not essential for life and a person can have a normal life without it. Digestion process receives a lot of help from gallbladder but the main purpose of it is to store bile. Liver is the organ which produces the bile and gallbladder can store some 50 ml of it. However, the form of the bile is more concentrated once inside the gallbladder. It is not uncommon for people to have problems with gallbladder and because of that doctors tend to remove it from the system through surgery.Significance

The gallbladder is placed on the left side of the abdomen and connected with cystic duct to the hepatic duct. The gallbladder is made of an epithelial lining that has pouches inside, which bear the name Aschoff's recesses. Strawberry gallbladder, cholecystitis, cancer, polyps and gallstones are the problems which can affect the gallbladder and because of these problems doctors usually recommend gallbladder surgery.Identification
The doctor can order an ultrasound test if a person complains of stomachache because via ultrasound he or she can determine if the problem lies within the gallbladder. Of all the problems, gallstones is the one that occurs most of the time. Depending on the severity of the problem the doctor may or may not recommend surgery. In any case a person should follow the doctor's recommendations.


Nowadays, a gallbladder surgery is done by a keyhole technique that goes by the name of laparoscopic cholecystectomy. If no complications occur during or after this procedure, the patient is released that very same day.Side effects
Right after the surgery it is normal for a person to experience pain in the abdomen and shoulders. Apart from these side effects, nausea and vomiting occur almost every time because of the medications a person uses after the operation.Warning
Apart from these normal side effects a person may experience some more severe side effects. If a person feels pain in the legs, has strong diarrhea or vomits blood, he or she should immediately seek medical help. This is because these side effects may point to some serious problems like damage of some internal organs, blood clots or some other complications. In addition to these problems, a person should go to the doctor if he or she is has problems keeping the food down. Really strong abdominal pain is another reason why a person should head straight for the emergency room.

Other side effects may include excessive weight gain, indigestion, back pain, redness and swelling.

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