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Nowadays, people are looking for various ways to get rid of certain ailments. Depression is one such illness and people are no longer willing to use medications since they might cause some side effects. A lot of studies have shown that a person who suffers from depression can use supplements in order to treat it and avoid using drugs. Experts advise the patients to use such nutrients like SAM-e, 5 HTP, omega 3 oils and B-complex vitamins. These nutrients are known to ease the symptoms of depression.

The question

A lot of people wonder whether taking supplements is effective as taking prescribed medications. A lot of studies were conducted and proved that nutritional supplements are sometimes more effective than prescribed anti-depressants. However, the question remains why do the doctors do not tell the patients that that is so. That particular question is the subject of many debates even today. One thing that a person needs to know is that nutritional supplementation is still not the accepted method of treatment in the United States. On the other hand, in the European Union and certain countries outside of the Union such nutrients like SAM-e for instance are prescribed for depressive disorders.

Natural supplements for depression

A lot of people who suffer from depression will try using anti-depressants in order to get rid of the illness. However, not everyone will experience the same positive effects from using them and a fair number of people will experience certain side effects. That is why they are willing to try using nutritional supplements in order to get rid of depression. Lots of people are not aware that by lacking certain nutrients they will experience certain mental and physical symptoms. That is another reason why people need to intake the right amount of nutrients every day.

SAM-e is a part of every cell in the human body. Apart from being good for getting rid of depression, this nutrient also supports methylation throughout the body. Cellular aging occurs when there is not enough methylation.

A person can find 5 HTP - an amino acid complex in lots of foods. This nutrient is important for the creation of serotonin. Apart from depression, this nutrient is also good for sleep disorders and anxiety.

Omega 3 fatty acids are important and should be in every diet but most diets lack it since their dietary sources are limited. These fatty acids can be mostly found in oily fish. Lots of people who suffer from depression have low levels of omega-3s in the body.

Recovering alcoholics will benefit a lot from B-complex vitamins.

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