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Let's take a look if the drug you are ready to buy online is the drug prescribed for your condition. Clomid (clomiphene, Serophene) is a very popular fertility drug, but it is definitely not suitable for every woman and definitely not for all fertility problems. If Clomid is not taken under medical supervision and if it's taken under wrong diagnosis, Clomid can cause permanent infertility, it can cause liver failure and finally can put your life at risk! To put it in other words perhaps you are taking the wrong drug!

Clomid can only be taken by a woman who has ovulation problems. The drug is prescribed for inducing ovulation. Clomid shouldn't be taken by a woman who suffers from fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian cysts or enlarged ovaries. If woman with these conditions takes Clomid, this could make her situation even worse and could additionally reduce the chance of successful conception. Moreover, women who are prone to developing blood cloths or who suffer from depression or even worse, woman who suffers from liver disease should never be exposed to Clomid. In cases mentioned above taking Clomid could be life-threatening.

Are you aware of the dose you are taking? Taking the right dose is essential when taking Clomid, and there is no general dose the dose varies with every woman. Besides, if the dose is wrong, woman is risking the chance of multiple births which may cause pregnancy complications such as low birth weight and premature birth. If the dose is too high, cause could be damage the ovaries and can even be life-threatening. No doctor will prescribe you Clomid for more than six cycles because this may increase the risk of ovarian cancer and infertility. Moreover, Clomid can cause ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome which is definitely a condition that can happen with dangerously high doses that are not prescribed by a fertility specialist.

In conclusion, if you are thinking of buying fertility drugs such as Clomid (or any other) online, think again, perhaps you are not aware of the dangers buying Clomid online you are exposed to. Do not do it. Respect your doctor's advice, and if you don t like him or her, it is better to change doctors than putting your own life at risk.

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