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Facts about Acne

Acne vulgaris is a skin condition which usually affects adolescents and children in puberty. Acne manifest through many different forms such as blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, pinheads, scaly and red skin, large papules and sometimes even scarring. Therefore, acne stands for inflammation of skin pores affecting certain areas of our body more than the others. Since acne creation is closely connected to our hormone levels and the activity of our sebaceous glands, we tend to have the most acne in areas where we have the densest sebaceous follicles. These areas are chest, back and the face.

Usually, as we reach our twenties, acne disappear since our hormonal levels get balanced again. However, this does not necessarily have to be the case since there are many people who have continued suffering from acne even in their thirties and forties.

Acne may appear on other parts of our body as well, being large and heavily inflamed. These are called cystic acne and they take place due to sweat accumulation and most likely appear on our buttocks, groin and armpit area.

Besides the visual marks, pain, discomfort and scars which make this skin condition severely harmful, acne has a great impact on one's emotional plan. Namely, people, especially adolescents, tend to become depressed and they lack self-confidence due to their acne. Therefore, acne affect people both physically and mentally. Thus, this condition requires treatment as soon as possible.

Acne and Your Life

Sometimes, one of the lovers or family members gets affected by acne. Then, his/her physical appeal may drop, since his/her face may change significantly. However, other people are to remember that this is a temporary state of body and mind and that it will pass soon enough. People with acne need support since they are very self-judgmental as it is. So, a smile every now and then, avoidance of the acne subject and a bit of love is all these people need to get by.

Moreover, acne are capable of getting worse once a person who has them gets upset. Also, this skin condition has different phases of manifestation. Sometimes acne may seem possible to be ignored while in some other cases, they are too prominent.

In order to help people with acne, the society around these people needs to look at this skin problem as something normal and easily treatable, accepting that it may appear and pass. Being judgmental of someone who suffers from acne will not help, but, rather, only make things worse.

Finally, if you fear that your loved one will leave you because of your acne, perhaps you are better off this way. You do not need someone who is with you solely for your aesthetic properties. Once the acne disappear, and, through proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, with the help of a dermatologist, they will, you will quickly forget all about them.

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