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Life Style

In order to live a healthy life we need to be stress free and relaxed as much as possible. However, we are all aware that this is not always possible due to the everyday stress. Luckily, meditation can help us relax. There are several reasons why this is true. First of all, meditation releases muscular tension. This is crucial for us when it comes to relieving the pain, increasing mobility and relaxation. Moreover, meditation can help us to breathe easily and for the nerve impulses and the body fluids to flow effortlessly. When it comes to blood pressure, mediation lowers it due to the heart not pumping as hard to force the blood flowing through the veins. When we are stressed out, our blood becomes thick with cholesterol and when we are relaxed it thins.

The Blood

The production of white blood cells is stimulated through meditation. Meditation is also crucial for the immune system which functions properly when we are tranquil or sleeping. This form of getting ourselves relaxed also helps us with the blood flow and the digestive tract. Moreover, when we are worried our digestive system malfunctions. The blood supply is transmitted to the big muscles for the “fight-or-flight” reflex, however, thanks to the meditation this is fixed and the digestive system is on its track again. Good blood circulation results with a healthy body which is fed with nutrients and free of waste products. Moreover, the hormones are directly in connection with the meditation. The stress hormones lessen during the stress releasing process.

The U.S.A.

Today meditation is considered to be one of the top ten alternative therapies in the U.S. population. More specifically, 8% of the Americans use meditation as a way to get cured from a specific illness. Finally, meditation is not any more considered to be something bizarre that only Buddhist monks were familiar with, but it is now even suggested by the doctors. A lot of people are still not aware that meditation has nothing to do with practicing religion. However, this method has proved to be extremely helpful when it comes to psychological relaxation which also results in better physical health-blood pressure drops, heart beats slower and breathing is quieter.


In order to improve your life style, it is essential to meditate at least 20 minutes per day especially for those who suffer from low back pain, headaches, depression and anxiety. In order to mediate it is crucial to know what meditation actually means-sitting in a relaxed position and clearing you thoughts by thinking about yourself. It is extremely crucial for one to know how to manage stress.

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