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Running and Breathing

Even though many people believe thatrunning is all about your muscles being capable of withstanding thestress and endure all the physical requirements this activitydemands, this is not true. There are many other aspects which arerelated to running and many people are not aware of them. One of themost important things to do while running is to breathe properly.Since our body needs oxygen in order to function correctly,especially during physical engagement such as this, we need the rightbreathing techniques in order to supply it with this vital gas andboost our performance.

Of course there are situations when werun out of breath. This can only be an indicator that we are doingsomething wrongly. Namely, remember that you should modify yourrunning speed so as to enable you to both run and talk to a companionnormally and without extra effort. There are other things everyrunner needs to know. Some of the most important ones are mentionedbelow.

Once you learn how to breathe properlyand combine this breathing with your running techniques, you willrealize that you are capable of enduring more with far less effort.Moreover, you will manage to run for longer distances and feel lesstired or worn out after your running sessions. Thus, without furtherado, learn how to breathe properly while running.

Breathe in...Breathe out...

In contrary to popular beliefs, you areadvised to breathe through your mouth rather than through your nose.This way, you will get more oxygen into your system while, at thesame time, keeping your facial muscles relaxed, making your runningan easier process.

As for breathing, make sure you do itfrom your diaphragm, not your chest. You can practice this by lyingdown at home and breathing so that your chest remains locked and yourstomach starts moving.

Use your breaths wisely. That beingsaid, modify the speed of breathing and the amount of the air youtake according to the running sequence you are in. So, if you arerunning regularly, at a steady pace, take short breaths in equalpatterns. However, once you start running uphill, increase thebreathing, supplying your body with enough oxygen.

Finally, while you are breathing, makesure that you listen to yourself. If you happen to be struggling withtaking breaths, slow down the tempo. Also, ensure a regular patternof taking breaths. Both running and breathing are rhythmical actions.Therefore, pay attention to the rhythm.

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