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A Long Living Parasite

Tapeworms are one of the possible parasitesable to have humans as their hosts. Namely, they can get into your organism if you ate food containing their eggs. Pork, beef and fish are theusual egg carriers. After getting into their host, the eggs maydevelop inside intestines, or outside, in the tissue areaof the body. The outer ones then form cysts while the tapewormsinside our intestines tend to develop fully and live up to 20 yearsif the conditions allow. While inside the body, tapeworms lay eggsand grow, possibly inhabiting a human organism for most of its life.Finally, even though intestinal parasites of this type tend not tocause serious health problems, those outside this area may even belife-threatening.

Manifestations of Tapeworm Infection

Unfortunately, this condition is veryhard to be diagnosed. Due to the mildness of its symptoms, it isoften considered to be something else, like a small stomach issuetriggered by stress or something similar. Therefore, tapeworms areusually discovered accidentally. One of the main indicators, however,may be parts of these parasites found in one's bowel movementproduct. Nevertheless, this only goes for the intestinal ones. Thetapeworms outside your intestines are much harder to locate andpeople remain unaware of their presence until severe symptoms appear.

As for the intestinal tapeworms, theirpresence manifests through nausea, loss of appetite, diarrhea,abdominal pain, and physical weakness. You may also experienceinability to properly digest and absorb food. On the other hand, thesecond type of this parasite infections usually damages some of ourorgans and tissue structure, having more severe symptoms. Fever,seizures or allergic reactions may all be triggered by theirpresence. Moreover, bacterial infections may cause cystic lumps toappear somewhere inside the body. The infection may spread to aperson's brain causing numerous dysfunctions and possibly death.

Possible Treatment

The best treatment is prevention.Therefore, being careful while around live stock, paying attention topersonal hygiene and making sure you are eating sufficiently cookedfood, all these act as excellent means of precaution.

In case you do end up with a tapeworminfection, after being properly diagnosed, this condition is easilytreated by several types of drugs your doctor may prescribe you.

All in all, it is best to avoidsuffering from this condition by simply following the preventionmeasures mentioned above. You also need to test your pets andlivestock for tapeworms, removing them if they are present. Also,keep the places where your animals spend time clean and free offeces, since unhygienic conditions present excellent breeding groundfor these parasites.

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